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We believe that everyone should be able to do work that excites them. Work that inspires both them and others. Work that matters. Work that they love.


We want to help people discover jobs that they love that they wouldn't find elsewhere, and do so with complete privacy and anonymityWe've all looked for jobs. We're on your side. We're doing this for you.

What if our organisations were full of motivated people, working for things that they believed in and excited them? Imagine the improvements in productivity, workplace culture, retention, innovation, camaraderie. Consider the flow on effects to families, mental health, society in general. We want to support all of these things and as a first step...

We want to help companies employ the best possible talent with minimal effort, expense and disruption.


These aspirations are all complimentary, so in theory they should be easy to optimise. However, inefficiencies in the recruiting market mean that we're far from an ideal state and, despite our modernised world, we haven't made much progress in the past few decades.

People don't often consider what they truly want to do: What sort of work excites them? What environment motivates them? What story do they want to be a part of?

Even when people do know these things, they can't easily search for jobs based on such meaningful criteria, as most job portals don't bother to ask. Instead, they limit their users to searching by "Job Titles", "Companies", and the promising, but near-useless, "Keyword" feature.

Then there is actual searching itself - scrolling through hundreds of results, glossing over poorly defined roles where assessing one's compatibility is difficult, if not futile. It's sometimes hard to understand how the displayed roles have anything to do with one's original search!

Interestingly, this issue is just as problematic for companies. Just because someone looks good on paper doesn't mean their heart and commitment is in the place it needs to be.

This is why recruiters have been so valuable in the past: Recruiters cut through the noise for both candidates and companies. However, recruiters are expensive, and they are only human. Even the best recruiters are limited by their own networks, their tenacity, and the responsiveness of the market to 'cold calling'. While historically important connectors, recruiters are essentially still middle-men. While they have been serving a critical gap in the market, they have been doing so in an inefficient way, and thus need to price accordingly.

We believe that the way to optimse the whole process is to get to know what people in the job market want on a very personal and individual level. We ask the same thing of employers - about what their ideal candidates would look like. We then utilise our proprietary matching engine to deliver both parties a set of highly refined, mutually interesting connections.


We are essentially a super-human recruiter - one who operates quickly and at scale, to deliver the best recruiting outcomes possible, at a price no recruiter could humanly match. We are a technology company after all!

A purpose-driven workforce, fuelling more effective organisations, driving better outcomes for society.

This vision is why we do what we do. We believe it's all for a higher purpose.

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ABN: 32 627 261 938

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HiyaPurpose donates
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