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Before applying for a job, ensure your digital footprint is 'employer ready'

Your digital footprint can significantly and positively impact your career prospects. Many recruiters and hiring managers now look online for candidate information, knowing that it can illustrate your industry leadership, your network reach and how your online reputation aligns with your offline presence.

The Social Index can generate a report to show you exactly where and why your online presence might be impacting your chance at your dream job.

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An amazing non-for-profit resource to help people optimise their careers

You have 80,000 hours in your career. Make the right career choices, and you can help solve the world’s most pressing problems, as well as have a more rewarding, interesting life. 80,000 hours gives you the information you need to find that fulfilling, high-impact career. All advice is free, tailored for talented graduates & young professionals, and based on five years of research alongside academics at Oxford.

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An awesome blog about many topics, this post specifically about 'How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You)'

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